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The pure water or water fed pole window cleaning system is simple in principle. Water straight from the tap is impure. To varying degrees, depending on where you are in the world, it is full of impurities including minerals and sediments. These impurities are the reason you can not hose a window or a car down and leave it to dry as you will end up with spots and streaks all over the place.

A pure water window cleaning system uses (as you’ve probably guessed) pure water, meaning these impurities have been removed. This means that when cleaning a window with pure water, as long as you’ve cleaned and rinsed away any dirt that was already there, you can leave it to dry naturally, 100% spot and streak free. This routine also works better for cleaning your siding opposed to the traditional pressure washing. So when you are ready to get your siding cleaned give us a call and be impressed about our low prices for high quality cleaning.

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